Infrastructure Services provides networking services including physical data cabling and remote support for internet (wired/wi-fi) and cable TV. This unit also provides networking services to Student Technology Services staff; file share services for Student Affairs end-users and departments; and infrastructure and networking support for unit specific devices (Cal One Card, Point of Sale Device, and time keeping devices).

  • Infrastructure Management
  • IT Architecture
  • File/Print Management
  • Net Services
  • Firewall Services
  • Wiring/Cable Plant
  • Cable TV Support
  • Register Support
  • Account Provisioning
  • Database Services
  • CIC Support
  • Time Clock Support
  • Applications Hosting
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Management
  • Terminal Services

We partner closely with Application Engineering, Portfolio and Project Management, and Client Technology Services to ensure proper and seamless integration between applications, customers, software vendors, and Information Security to safeguard our data and systems.

If you have specific questions about Infrastructure Services, feel free to contact Tuan Nguyen at: