Information Security Materials

The following materials are available. Please submit a request to

  • Action ­Oriented Information Security Awareness Outline: This document, also known as “safe computing tips,” highlights the most important risks and secure practice information that every employee should know.
  • MFD Good Security Practices: This document summarizes the key features that should be considered when selecting and configuring printers and scanners, because even printers can be compromised.
  • Prospective Vendor Security Questionnaires:­ These questionnaire templates are based on those developed and used by UCB ISP, and help document prospective vendor’s alignment with UCB standards.  
  • Information Security Awareness Handbook: ­ This one-page-­per-­topic document explains the topics that are included in the Security Awareness Outline.
  • Confidentiality Agreement Template: ­ This template is used by SAIT and SIS employees to inform them of their responsibilities to protect sensitive information.
  • On­Line Policy Quizzes:­ These quizzes help all employees to understand, and demonstrate their understanding of the Data Classification Standard, MSSEI and MSSND.
  • MSSND Self­Assessment:­ This self­help on­line form helps employees confirm alignment with this important policy and includes personally owned computers at home and cell phones.

Key UC Berkeley Information Security WebSites Protecting information is a complex and challenging endeavor. The following websites provide additional information about this topic.