Student Technologies are provided through unique student leadership model in which technical services are delivered by students, for students, in close collaboration with career staff managers. Student Technologies provides IT services to students campus-wide. These services includes support for students' personally owned devices, network and cable TV support in the campus residence halls, information security awareness and education, and management of residential academic computing centers. 

Our vision is that all students have device support and technology resources, as well as opportunities for learning and employment in information technologies, that enhance their UC Berkeley experience and prepare them for the future.  

To those ends, Student Technologies provides:

  • Student Tech helpdesk 
  • Computing labs in campus housing 
  • Education about campus technology, copyright policy, information security, and DIY resources 
  • Hands-on learning and leadership development opportunities through student IT jobs and professional development
  • Opportunities for students to explore different technologies such as maker spaces, trainings, workshops, and tech talks 
  • Student advocacy and engagement in campus technology development

If you have specific questions about Student Technologies, feel free to contact Anne Marie Richard at